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Tattoo Guidelines

In addition to creating artwork for private collectors, I also take commissions for tattoos designs. Please review my guidelines below before contacting me. Examples of flash art and photographs of finished pieces can also be seen below.

1] For a black line design, the basic price would start at $250 - modified by the size and complexity of the subject matter

2] I will mail you an invoice for the total cost of the artwork, shipping, and insurance.

The following forms of payment are acceptable:

Cash, check (personal or bank), money order, or wire by Western Union in US funds only. (Check or money order should be made out to Michael Manning.)

A bank transfer is also acceptable if you are prepared to pay the transfer charge (usually $20-25 US).

I now accept PayPal payments!

You can use your credit/debit card to make electronic purchases using the PayPal system. Please let me know if you would like to use this payment option when you place your order.

Send check or money order payment to:

Z/Xero Image
attn - Michael Manning
1250 Long Beach Avenue (#323)
Los Angeles CA 90021

3] I don't ordinarily work under deadline. If you need the piece by a certain date, I will need to add an additional charge. This will be determined by the amount of time involved.

4] In the first stage, I will provide you with a couple of pencil sketches to get a feel for the piece and to get some feedback from you. Reference material is helpful but not totally necessary.

5] After we've agreed on a design, the second stage will be a pencil drawing to scale with the final image. I will submit this to you for your approval and/or MINOR changes (there will be an additional charge for drawing a completely new design).

6] When the pencil design has been approved, I will ink the piece and the artwork is yours.

7] Any changes you wish to make to the design after this point must be negotiated with the tattooist you'll be working with.

8] If you don't have a specific tattooist in mind, please check the link at the top of the page for a list of recommended artists and shops with links to their web sites.

9] I ask that you provide me with some kind of photo documentation of the finished tattoo or that you allow me to photograph your tattoo after it has healed.

10] OPEN CALL FOR MM TATTOO DESIGNS: If you or anyone you know has a tattoo that is based on my work and would like to contribute some photographic evidence to my site, I would like to hear from you. Please contact me at my email address below.

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