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As much as I love to draw, I also love photography. I often bring my camera along on bike rides in the city, to clubs, on hikes in the desert and by the seashore - wherever I think I might see something inspiring or out of the ordinary. Many of the photographic textures on this site were captured by my trusty Yashica 35mm during my wanderings in various parts of California. These days, I'm more likely to shoot digital but whether it's a momentary glimpse of a cloud formation on the horizon or a carefully posed model in latex under studio lights, the joy I get from capturing an image still remains.

Rear View | Rear View Gallery

In the course of doing my erotic work, photography has usually functioned as a component - reference material for my illustrations and comix stories. This is not to say though that I haven't shot anything that I'm proud of. I've been lucky enough to work with some incredibly sexy and talented models and present here a sampling of some of my better efforts.

As most of you are probably already aware, the beauty of the female behind is recurring motif in my work: the finely- sculpted behind of a dominatrix haughtily presenting herself to receive worship, the voluptuous cheeks of a penitent maid lowering her panties for some well-deserved discipline, the sleek flanks of a hard-ridden ponygirl... it's a theme that I return to constantly and am more than a little obsessed with. Many of the afore-mentioned models have been blessed with truly exceptional posteriors as I hope this particular gallery will attest to.

Jade Blue Eclipse | Jade Blue Eclipse Gallery

Performer Jade Blue Eclipse is sleek and vibrant, a living anime character and one of the most perfect embodiments of androgynous beauty that I know of. As a person, she is incredibly sweet. While she sometimes gives an impression of soft-spoken shyness, any conception of her as a shrinking violet is quickly dispelled by her outrageous sense of humor and by her performances which are as physically dynamic as they are erotic.

A child whose abandonment forced her into an early adulthood, a foreign-born national who was forced to exist on the margins of American society, a woman whose concepts of gender and sexuality thoroughly subvert those of the mainstream, a dyke who was sometimes ostracized by her peers for her unwillingness to conform to a politically correct point of view, a stripper, an acrobat, a former prostitute, a martial artist - Jade encompasses a universe of seemingly conflicting elements that she somehow holds in balance like the complex poses she performs in her stage shows.

- from Inamorata (2005)

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