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If you would like to purchase original artwork, please read my guidelines:

1] Artwork is divided into three categories: Illustrations, Sketches, and Comix Pages.

Illustrations are in black ink on acid-free plate-surface bristol or any combination of ink, acrylic paint, and pencil on illustration board.. These are the type of finished pieces that I produce for books and gallery shows.

Sketches are done in red pencil and permanent marker on acid-free heavy-weight drawing paper. These are the type of pieces that I have for sale at signings and draw for fans at conventions. They are a bit looser than my illustrations and comix pages.

Comix Pages are the original artwork that my comix stories and graphic novels are reproduced from. Pages are drawn in black (and sometimes white) ink on acid-free plate-surface bristol unless otherwise noted. Word balloons and text are inked and hand lettered directly onto the page. Some pages may include a small amount of paste-up material and/or non-photo blue pencil.

Some of the pieces in the Illustration and Sketch sections are collaborations with my Tranceptor co-creator Patrick Conlon.

Certain pieces in the Illustration section are available framed or unframed. Frames are 3/4" matte black wood with glass and spacers. Please check individual entries for more info and be sure to indicate whether you want the piece framed or unframed when ordering. Also, please be aware that the greater weight of the framed pieces and the need to guard against breakage of the glass will be reflected in the shipping costs.

2] Review the list of pieces in the image galleries and send me your selection(s) by email so I can determine if they're available. I recommend that you list alternate choices as I will often receive multiple requests for the same piece at the same time (I don't know why this happens so frequently but it does). For this same reason, I DON'T TAKE RESERVES. If you have ordered a piece from me and informed me that payment is on the way, then I will hold the piece for you until payment has arrived. Otherwise, it's first come, first served.

3] Prices for all pieces are as listed and do not include shipping. Discounts are available on certain pieces if they are purchased as a group (please see list). I am also open to negotiation for price discounts on large orders ($1000 or more in a single order) - please note: this does not include pieces that are already being discounted when sold as a group or comix pages.

4] Along with the list of pieces you want, please forward a SHIPPING ADDRESS including a PHONE NUMBER (home, office or cell). Please indicate if this address is a business or residence.

5] Based on the shipping information you provide, I'll send an email with a list of estimated rates for Federal Express and USPS (usually the more economical of the two). These rates will include insurance for the full value of the artwork.

Please remember that FEDERAL EXPRESS CANNOT SHIP TO A PO BOX ADDRESS and that all carriers may have restrictions for international orders.

International clients must be prepared to pay any additional taxes or fees that may be incurred importing artwork. For further information, please check with your local postal authority.

6] The following forms of payment are acceptable:

CREDIT/DEBIT payment using PAYPAL. If you don't have a PayPal account, I can send you an email invoice that will include a link to simple instructions on how to set one up. Payments should be made to:

I also accept CASH, CHECK (personal or bank), MONEY ORDER, or WIRE (Western Union) in US funds only. Check or money order should be made out to Michael Manning.

A BANK TRANSFER is also acceptable if you are prepared to pay the transfer charge (usually $20-25 US).


7] Send check or money order payment to:

Z/Xero Image
attn - Michael Manning
1250 Long Beach Avenue (#323)
Los Angeles CA 90021

8] Unless you specify otherwise (see below), I will ship the artwork after I've received payment and the funds have cleared through my account : 1-2 working days if paying by bank check, transfer, or money order, 3-4 days if paying by PayPal, 7-10 days if paying by personal check.

Along with the artwork, I will include two copies of an invoice for same. Please sign one and return it to me. The other is for your personal records.

IMPORTANT: If you would prefer to have the artwork shipped at a later date, please let me know when placing your initial order.


As with my commissioned work, the original artwork that I am selling is for collectors and is for PRIVATE EXHIBITION ONLY and may not be used for commercial purposes or reproduced in any media without my prior consent. Loaning a commissioned work for public exhibition is acceptable so long as I am informed in advance and approve of the venue.

I also reserve the right to borrow pieces from private collectors for public exhibition at a later date. This right would only be exercised in the event of a major retrospective at a museum or similar high-profile venue. All shipping and handling would be paid for by the institution sponsoring the exhibit at no cost to the participating collector. I DO NOT BORROW PIECES FROM PRIVATE COLLECTORS FOR GALLERY SHOWS.

If a piece that you have purchased from me is sold at a later date, I must be notified in advance of the sale and reserve the right to receive 25% of the total price paid with all rights and responsibilities as above transfered to the new owner.

Gallery owners who would like to purchase pieces for resale purposes should contact me for terms.

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